Investing in the Arts through Noel Music Management’s New Friends and Patrons Scheme

Tuesday 3rd February 2015

WildKat PR is delighted to welcome a new artist management company to our roster: Noel Music Management (NMM). Working with both professional soloists and renowned orchestral musicians, NMM is committed to helping musicians forge their careers through finding them paid performances whilst also helping with advertising, marketing and PR. They already represent 13 soloists, 2 chamber groups and 140 orchestral musicians, including players from the London Symphony Orchestra and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

We will be working with them specifically on their newly inaugurated Friends and Patrons Scheme which aims to further the opportunities already available to the musicians. The Scheme embraces ‘crowdfunding’, an innovative new way to raise funds which is becoming increasingly popular, most prominently by the Danish National Chamber Orchestra recently. It allows Patrons to invest in and support a growing arts organisation at a time when the arts are facing severe cuts, so guaranteeing the industry’s future. Those interested can donate any amount of money, from £40, the equivalent of a concert ticket, right up to £10,000 and Funders receive an array of benefits in return. These range from discounted and VIP tickets, to a bespoke concert series in their name or a composition dedicated to them.

Friends and Patrons will clearly see their contributions directly benefitting tomorrow’s classical musicians through scholarships and covering concert costs. These Funders will also be supporting Noel Music Management’s four key values: challenging the normal concert protocol and adopting new approaches; curating concerts that are wide reaching and inspire change; performing educational concerts that increase understanding of the genre; and also putting on inclusive concerts which attract a diverse audience and are suitable for all.

WildKat PR is excited to see how the Scheme will develop.







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