Open Goldberg Variations and MuseScore to appear at Classical:NEXT

Tuesday 20th March 2012

Open Goldberg Variations director Robert Douglass, pianist Kimiko Ishizaka, and music notation company MuseScore have been invited to demonstrate a unique score-following technology at the Classical:NEXT conference in Munich at the end of May. In addition, Robert Douglass will be speaking on a panel discussing crowdfunding music projects.

This score-following technology, developed by SampleSumo and MuseScore, recognises the music as it is being performed and follows the score accordingly, allowing the audience to see every note being played. This development will, for the first time, bring the score to the forefront of the audience’s experience of a live concert.

The demonstration will consist of Kimiko Ishizaka playing Bach’s Goldberg Variations, with all members of the conference following the score in real-time, on their own computers, phones, or tablets, thanks to MuseScore’s technology.

Robert Douglass, the founder and director of the Open Goldberg Variations project, will also be speaking on a panel discussing the crowd-funding of music projects. The aim of the Open Goldberg Variations project is to provide a new public domain recording and score of the Goldberg Variations for anybody to listen to, copy, and use, however they like. Over 400 fans donated money towards the project via the crowd-funding website Kickstarter. The Goldberg Variations recording, made by pianist Kimiko Ishizaka, will be available as a free download for everyone in the summer.

For more information on the Open Goldberg Variations Project, please visit: http://www.opengoldbergvariations.org/

For more information on MuseScore please visit: http://musescore.com

For more information on SampleSumo please visit: http://www.samplesumo.com/

For more information on the Classical:NEXT conference please visit: http://www.classicalnext.com/