Paul Chamberlain returns from his successful Summer Tour

Friday 15th August 2014

WildKat Artist, accordionist Paul Chamberlain has returned from his UK Summer tour. The tour, which has been a huge success, included performances in London, Birmingham, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Bristol and Cardiff, before finally culminating at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his final performance of the tour on 9 August. Paul’s performances on his tour and his latest album ‘Accordion Sensations’¬†have been met with wide critical acclaim. Paul has been praised by the Sunday Times for “Conjur[ing] up both piano and orchestral parts with fierce fluency and a fully Weberian brilliance in fast excursions” and also by BroadwayBaby who have described his playing as “An enthralling display of musical mastery- humble, charming and informative.” Edinburgh Guide said of Paul “[His] undoubted enthusiasm was engaging and it went towards giving us a treat of a recital” and his performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was particularly well received by Seen and Heard International: “He brought an astonishing breadth of colours and styles to the instrument’s necessarily limited range, but I was especially impressed not only by his quicksilver fingerwork, but also by the way he made the accordion’s rustic wheeze not only jolly but also, by turns, dramatic, threatening or stormy as need be.”

For more information about Paul’s upcoming concerts and events, visit his website, twitter and facebook.

Listen to Paul’s interview with BBC Radio Scotland last month¬†here.