Paul Chamberlain’s UK tour is off to a successful start

Monday 7th July 2014

WildKat client and Accordionist Paul Chamberlain has started his UK Tour this summer to promote his new album Accordion Sensations. Paul has performed in a wide range of venues so far, including the Apple Store in Regent Street, London, St Martin in the Bull Ring Church in Birmingham, Holy Trinity Church in Oxford and Emmanuel Church in Cambridge. The various venues have hosted enthusiastic audiences and accordion fans and Paul notably received a standing ovation in St Giles in the Fields Church in London. Still to come are concerts in Newcastle, Bristol and Cardiff before the tour concludes in Edinburgh with performances on the 5th and 9th of August. A video can be found below as a small taster of the works Paul has recorded on his album, as performed on 2nd July.

Keep track of Paul’s performances here