PODIUM Festival: Information fair today and tickets go on sale on Monday

Friday 21st March 2014

Today is the PODIUM fair, a special information event from PODIUM Festival Esslingen, the classical music festival which pushes its genre’s conventional boundaries. From 2pm today in Esslingen, the PODIUM ethos is being presented at various stations and stalls, providing an opportunity to gain a deeper insight into the particular structure and content of the work that PODIUM do so well.

PODIUM Festival Esslingen, now in its sixth year, consists of 20 events which create a platform for interdisciplinary performances; constructing new spaces to create and discover classical music and as well as returning to its fundamental origins. In a mutual exchange, artists and organisers seek new ways of performing in the 21st century where conventional performance formats will be questioned both critically and creatively. Therefore the focus of the programme is not solely on classical repertoire, but on the ethos that music can go beyond borders of genre and discipline.

All of this is in preparation for tickets to go on sale next Monday 24th March. For more information about PODIUM and to get tickets on Monday, please see the PODIUM website.

credit PODIUM

credit PODIUM