17th December: Poet Laureate writes poem for the Royal Philharmonic Society, Berlin’s cultural image is ‘poor but sexy’ & the Fishwives Choir

Tuesday 17th December 2013


Carol Ann Duffy writes poem for Royal Philharmonic Society’s bicentenary

Poet laureate celebrates 200 years of the society that commissioned Beethoven’s 9th with ode titled Philharmonic.

Gig and theatre tickets still subject to ‘hidden charges’

Fees and charges added to the cost of theatre and concert tickets are often “hidden and unclear”, with even those imposed by authorised agencies adding as much as 38% to the price, according to consumer organisation Which?.

Classic FM Online

Youth orchestra removed from shopping centre over noise complaints

The Robin Hood Youth Orchestra were told to leave a shopping centre in Nottingham after customers complained that their Christmas concert was too loud. The orchestra were booked to play from 10am – 1pm, but were asked to leave the Victoria Centre at around 11am.


Pianist Maria João Pires signs to Onyx Classics

The Portuguese pianist Maria João Pires has entered into an agreement with Onyx Classics and her first release will be of Beethoven’s Piano Concertos Nos 3 and 4.


Fishwives Choir: For those in peril on the sea

When Jane Dolby’s husband died in a storm, the friendship of other fishermen’s wives was her lifeline. Together, they formed the Fishwives Choir – and found themselves in the running for the Christmas No 1.


‘Poor but sexy’ Berlin is a cultural magnet

‘Poor but sexy’ – a dig at Munich’s rich but staid image. With three opera companies, eight orchestras, 17 subsidised theatres and some of the best museums in Europe, Richard Morrison dubs Berlin a ‘cultural feast.’

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Hat die Hexe ausgedient?

Der Kampf ums Kind tobt in den Musiktheatern. Acht neue Opern für die Jüngsten werden allein derzeit uraufgeführt.