11th November: Claudio Abbado laid to rest in his ‘magical place’, Royal Opera ‘being paid less than Box Office staff’, Stop studying Arts if you want a good job, minister says

Tuesday 11th November 2014

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Great conductor Claudio Abbado laid to rest in his ‘magical place’

Maestro Abbado’s family have moved his body to the Swiss mountains, the scene of some of his finest concert performances.

Dancers for Royal Opera ‘being paid less than Box Office staff’

A performers’ union is claiming that the Royal Opera is paying dancers rehearsing for a forthcoming production less than box office staff.

The Times

Stop studying arts if you want a good job, minister says

Too many teenagers choose to study arts and humanities subjects at A level in a mistaken belief that such subjects are the best way to keep their career options open, the education secretary said yesterday.

The Guardian

Colin Currie: new works, new instruments – the amazing story of percussion is not yet told

The percussionist, whose Metal Wood Skin festival continues in London, explains how music became a lifelong inspiration

The Strad

Atlanta Symphony musicians and management agree on new contract

The four-year deal, which includes provisions for increased musician numbers, ends a two-month deadlock

International Arts Manager

Reinventing the Czech Philharmonic

After a restless couple of decades for the Czech Philharmonic, Mark Powell journeys to Prague and finds a wholly revitalised orchestra


Angedacht, aber nicht frei: Gergiev wäre onehin nicht nach Saarbrücken gekommen. Jedoch…

Die Münchner Philharmoniker reagieren auf die Meldung, Gergiev sei in Saabrücken beim Polen-Festival ausgeladen worden.

Stradivari-Räuber zu 7 Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt

Der 42-jährige Salah Salahadyn, der am vergangenen 27. Januar in Milwaukee den Geiger Frank Almond überfallen und ihn seiner 5 Millionen Dollar-Stradivari beraubt hatte, wurde von einem Gericht zu 7 Jahren Gefängnis und weiteren 5 Jahren Überwachung verurteilt.


Mariam Batsashvili gewinnt Franz Liszt Klavierwettbewerb

Erster Preis des Wettbewerbs in Utrecht ist mit 20.000 Euro dotiert


Villa Vigoni: Gewalt, kulturelles Gedächtnis und Transkulturalität

Goldene Herbstidylle und Themen wie Gewalt und kulturelle Konflikte – wie passt das zusammen?

The New York Times

The Opera in Rome Is a Hotbed of Chaos

Riccardo Muti’s Departure Is a Sign of Rome Opera’s Troubles

Le Monde

Toutes les couleurs du jazz

Décidément la scène musicale belge est bien l’une des plus créatives et inventives.


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Czech Philharmonic © Martin Kabat (via International Arts Manager)