Pre-Order Songs for Spoken Words now!

Monday 8th December 2014

Composer and digital projects producer Richard Birkin is excited to announce that his upcoming release Songs for Spoken Words and its accompanying app are available to pre-order today!

Songs for Spoken Words is a soundtrack composed to accompany a collection of poetry by Michael Frearson. It comes in several forms and allows a host of opportunities for performance; it can be listened to as you would usually experience music, it can be listened to live with a speaker who will recite the poetry with the music, or you can experience both the music and poetry at any time, in any place through an app which Richard has created.

The app builds on the  technology from Richard’s last project, Night Sun, offering the listener a more personal experience with the depth and character that they would receive from a live performance.

Songs for Spoken Words will be launched on 3rd February at St. John on Bethnal Green with the Iskra Quartet, but for now you can pre-order the EP from iTunes and Bandcamp, as well as previewing the app here.

Keep up to date with the launch of Songs for Spoken Words by joining Richard’s events page here.

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