17th October: Giving a musical voice to war’s unsung victims, BBC Radio 3 doesn’t score highly with Ed Vaizey and Richard Morrison: ‘Britain plays second fiddle when it comes to Strads’.

Friday 17th October 2014

Classical News


Giving a musical voice to war’s unsung victims

Composer Sally Beamish has turned one of Andrew Motion’s war poems into a new oratorio. The former poet laureate explains their tribute to the ‘damaged living’

BBC Radio 3 doesn’t score highly with Ed Vaizey

Culture minister says he prefers the ‘absolutely brilliant’ Classic FM to its BBC rival because it is ‘accessible and informal’


Richard Morrison: ‘Britain plays second fiddle when it comes to Strads’

It’s awful that vintage violins lie silent when there are hundreds of brilliant players desperate to bring them to life

Classical Music Magazine

Ulster Orchestra in crisis talks with funders and culture minister

A statement released by the Ulster Orchestra acknowledges the precarious situation of its finances and suggests that, in the still uncertain event of the orchestra surviving beyond the current financial year, its future will be ‘not as we have come to know it over the last 50 years’.

Classic FM

New app explains music as you listen – but you need to leave your mobile ON during concerts

The Philadelphia Orchestra has released an app that turns your mobile phone into an interactive concert programme.

The Strad

Northern Ireland’s Ulster Orchestra faces imminent closure, warns chairman

The ensemble has appealed for £500,000 in emergency funding from Belfast City Council


Milanov Named Music Director In Chautauqua

49-year-old Bulgarian conductor Rossen Milanov has been named the ninth music director of the Chautauqua Symphony Orchestra (NY).

London Evening Standard

The 1000: London’s most influential people 2014 – Music makers

British artists are responsible for one in eight albums sold around the world – proof of London’s flourishing music scene. From urban soul to contemporary classical, there is room for new and old

Spiegel Online

Bayreuther Festspiele: Gregor Gysi vertritt künftig die Wagner-Familie

Der Linke Gregor Gysi begibt sich in schillernde Gesellschaft: Als Anwalt wird er künftig die Familie Wagner vertreten.


Kent Nagano kritisiert Ausrichtung der Bildungspolitik nach Pisa-Studien

Weder Sprachen noch Künste würden in Studien berücksichtigt


Verschätzt: Konzertreihe im Pariser ‘Palais Royal’ nach der ersten Saison abgesagt

Die komplette Konzertsaison 2014/15 der ‘Lundis Musicaux’ in dem von Kardinal Richelieu erbauten Theater des ‘Palais Royal’ in Paris wurde abgesagt.


„Der christliche Glaube ist mir eine starke Inspiration“

Der Pianist Martin Helmchen erzählt von seinem Weg auf die großen Bühnen der Welt, von Vaterzeit und dem höheren Ziel der Musik

The Washington Post

When art sings: How paintings have fared on the musical and opera stage

Mussorgsky’s “Pictures at an Exhibiton” is one of the most famous works of concert music; even if you think you don’t know it, you know it.

The New York Times

Working and Playing at the Side of the Master Artist

Musicians From Marlboro Take Their Lessons on the Road


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Andrew Motion and Sally Beamish

Andrew Motion and Sally Beamish: collaborators on the oratorio Equal Voices. Photograph: Paul Joyce