28th January: New research on instrument-learning and intelligence, Six million euros for stage technology at Oper Leipzig, Death of Eva Coutaz

Thursday 28th January 2021

New research has claimed that learning to play a musical instrument increases intelligence by 10 percent

In a six-month study co-ordinated by DIYS.com,the world’s largest DIY community, 4,694 volunteers chose a new hobby to take up during coronavirus lockdown. Among the chosen hobbies were knitting, exercising and learning an instrument.

The volunteers then took an IQ test, before being grouped according to their chosen activity. After six months, they were retested, and researchers indexed and averaged their scores.
The highest IQ increase came from the music-makers, averaging a score increase of 9.71 percent.

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Knapp sechs Millionen Euro für neue Bühnentechnik an der Oper Leipzig

Die Bühnentechnik an der Oper Leipzig soll auf den neuesten Stand gebracht werden. Insgesamt werden für die Sanierung knapp sechs Millionen Euro veranschlagt, wie die Stadt am Mittwoch mitteilte. Der Stadtrat muss die Baumaßnahmen noch zustimmen.

Nach den Beschlussvorlagen sollen an der Obermaschinerie, mit der Vorhänge und Seilzüge für Licht, Kulissen und Darsteller gelenkt werden, Steuerungsgeräte ausgetauscht und neue Bremssysteme eingebaut werden.

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Almost six million euros for new stage technology at Oper Leipzig

The stage technology at the Leipzig Opera is to be brought up to date. A total of almost six million euros is being budgeted for the renovation, as the city announced on Wednesday. The city council still has to approve the construction measures.

According to the draft resolutions, control devices are to be replaced and new braking systems installed in the upper machinery, which controls curtains and cables for lighting, scenery and performers.

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Décès d’Eva Coutaz, ancienne P-DG d’harmonia mundi

Elle était l’épouse de Bernard Coutaz, le fondateur du célèbre label discographique, à qui elle avait succédé en 2010.«

L’amour préfère ordinairement les contrastes aux similitudes », a écrit Balzac. Et tous ceux qui ont connu le couple formé par Bernard et Eva Coutaz ne pourront dire le contraire. En épousant cette native de Wuppertal à la rigueur toute germanique, le volubile méridional avait trouvé non seulement son âme sœur, mais aussi son bras droit et sa plus fidèle collaboratrice. Il était le feu, elle était l’eau – mais une eau vive animée d’une passion sans limite.

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Death of Eva Coutaz, former CEO of harmonia mundi

She was the wife of Bernard Coutaz, the founder of the famous record label, whom she succeeded in 2010.“

Love usually prefers contrasts to similarities,” wrote Balzac. And anyone who has known the couple formed by Bernard and Eva Coutaz will not be able to say otherwise. By marrying this native of Wuppertal, who was a Germanic native, the voluble southerner had found not only his soul mate, but also his right-hand man and his most faithful collaborator. He was fire, she was water – but living water with boundless passion.

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