Revolutionary 24-Hour concert by Donne Foundation set to break Guinness Record featuring music exclusively written by women and non-binary composers 

Wednesday 17th January 2024

Let HER MUSIC Play will take place on 22 February 2024 in London and it will be live-streamed worldwide

Donne, Women in Music,  a UK foundation dedicated to achieving gender equality in music,  is set to make history with “Let HER MUSIC Play”: This 24-hour live-streamed concert aims to set a new Guinness World Record™ for the “Longest Acoustic Music Live-Streamed Concert”,  showcasing music exclusively by women and non-binary composers and songwriters.

The event, which is a bold step towards equality in music, will commence at 12pm on Thursday 22 February, 2024, and conclude at 2pm on Friday 23 February, 2024, at Sala Brasil in the Embassy of Brazil, London and will be live-streamed to the world via YouTube.

“Let HER MUSIC Play” is a unique celebration that transcends music genre boundaries, welcoming artists from classical to contemporary, jazz, pop, folk and beyond. The event already features a remarkable lineup including singer/songwriter Tony Moore (original member of Iron Maiden and keyboard player with iconic 80’s band Cutting Crew), mezzo-soprano Aigul Akhmetshina, baritone Roderick Williams OBE, sopranos Carolyn Sampson OBE, Gabriella Di Laccio, Helen Lacey, singer-songwriters Sophie Frear and CN Lester, pianists Lana Bode, Clelia Iruzum, Yupeng He, Stella Lorenz, Maria Garzon, Késia Decoté and Ian Tindale, film composer Alexandra Hamilton-Ayres, composer and pianist Kristina Arakelyan, tenors Tim Parker-Langston, Thomas Elwin and Daniel Norman, genre-defying string quartet Vulva Voce,  guitarist James Akers, cellist Hadewich van Gent and this is just the beginning as many more artists are set to join.  This diversity underscores Donne’s commitment to representing the full spectrum of musical expression.

Soprano Gabriella Di Laccio, founder of Donne and the driving force behind this initiative, shares her passion: 

“As a woman in music and an artist myself, I am fully committed to fundamentally transforming the music industry, ensuring my role actively contributes to meaningful change.  This event is my way of trying to connect people around the world to join me on this cause.”

£1 FOR EQUALITY CAMPAIGN’: Aligned with this historic concert is the launch of the ‘£1 FOR EQUALITY CAMPAIGN’. Each donation will go to support the many initiatives led by the Donne Foundation that advance diversity, create opportunities, and have a direct impact on the future of women in music. Every contribution fuels the change towards a more equitable industry.

Call to Action – Invitation to Join: Recognising the influential power of voices across the music industry, the Donne Foundation extends a special invitation to renowned artists and public figures to join this revolutionary movement. “Your presence and support can magnify our message of equality and inclusion, inspiring fans and communities globally,” says Gabriella Di Laccio, founder of Donne. Musicians are encouraged to participate, advocate, and contribute, leveraging their platforms for a cause that transcends the music industry.


The Donne Foundation Donne aims to connect and empower anyone who identifies as a woman in order to create a more equitable music industry. Together they celebrate, advance, and amplify women in music so that they are seen, heard, and appreciated for their talent, leaving a legacy of inspiration for future generations.

In a transformative push for gender equality in the arts, the Donne Foundation, founded by Soprano Gabriella Di Laccio, stands at the forefront of empowering women in the music industry. This visionary foundation  is not only celebrating women’s achievements but is actively reshaping the landscape of music. 

Key Achievements and Initiatives:

Groundbreaking Research: The foundation’s 2022 Equality & Diversity in Global Repertoire report, a landmark study, analysed over 20,400 works by 111 orchestras across 31 countries. This pivotal research uncovered a significant gender disparity, with only 7% of compositions by women and a mere 1.11% by Black and Asian women. The foundation also looks at the representation of women in the POP and Film industry. 

The Big List: A monumental resource showcasing over 5,000 women composers from mediaeval times to the 21st century, highlighting the often-overlooked contributions of women to music.

Strategic Partnerships and Resources: Collaborations with esteemed organisations  like the Royal Albert Hall, Apple Music, TheOscars ® and the creation of free multimedia resources underscore Donne’s commitment to amplifying female voices in music.

Consultative and Educational Role: Through talks, program consultations, and other educational initiatives, Donne is increasing the visibility and recognition of women composers.

The Donne Foundation is more than an advocate for women in music; it’s a catalyst for faster change. With a mission to see women not only seen and heard but profoundly appreciated for their talents, Donne is leaving a lasting  legacy for future generations. This charity is not just marking history; it’s making it. https://donne-uk.org/ 

Event Details: 

Start: 12 pm, Thu, Feb 22, 2024
End: 2 pm, Fri, Feb 23, 2024
Location: Sala Brasil, 14-16 Cockspur Street London, SW1Y 5B

Live Stream Worldwide : https://youtube.com/live/D1YBtoPlYlo?feature=share 

£1 for EQUALITY Campaign: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?hosted_button_id=ZK6BJFUEFQ23G 

Be Part of the Revolution: The Donne Foundation invites everyone to join in this historic moment. Your support, whether through participation, spreading the word, or contributing to the campaign, can help reshape the music industry.

Get Involved: Visit here for details on “Let HER MUSIC Play” and the ‘£1 FOR EQUALITY CAMPAIGN’.

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