Rhona Stevens & Joseph Peach collaborate to present their new album Fragments in Time

Thursday 28th September 2023

Fragments in Time, is a new, majestic collaborative album from Scottish artists Rhona Stevens and Joseph Peach

With an enchanting blend of cinematic alt-folk, Rhona Stevens and Joseph Peach‘s new release promises a musical journey that encompasses the very best of folk, classical, jazz, indie, electronic, and alternative styles.

As the world grappled with uncertainty and isolation during the pandemic, two kindred spirits in Glasgow sought solace in the art of musical collaboration. Rhona and Joseph, flatmates united by their passion for creativity, took refuge in their home studio and embarked on a journey of inspiration. It was there, amidst the quiet fragments of time, that an extraordinary project was born.

Drawing on the timeless poetics of Scottish writer, Violet Jacob, the duo discovered a shared love for her profound themes of nature, place, longing, loss, grit, determination and the relentless passage of time – concepts that resonated deeply with the turbulent times in which they found themselves. 

From this creative cocoon emerged jewels of sound and thought, masterpieces that will transport you to a world where beauty and meaning await around every corner.

The first single, “Lirk O’ The Hill”, captured the essence of the entire album, and is thoughtfully selected for its rich textures, themes, and instrumentation that reverberate throughout the music. Released on 8 September, accompanied by a music video on 16 September.

Unbeknownst to the duo, years before this project came to fruition, they had lent their artistic touch to a beautiful Violet Jacob poem that they set to an unforgettable melody at a tender age. Years before this project came to fruition, the seed of an idea for this song was sown, with Rhona penning its melody aged 17. The music surrounding the lyrics has undergone much refinement, ensuring the audience is treated to a musical experience that is simply sublime.

The second single, “The Shepherd”, released on 22 September, alongside an animated music video. This track is a poignant, achingly beautiful song that speaks to the universal experience of unrequited love. A single, sorrowful lyric, “There’s just a thing that’s wearying and roving, and that’s myself, that wearies, wanting you,” encapsulates the profound message of the song. 

To evoke a sense of longing and yearning, the pair intentionally crafted a mesmerising soundscape with delicately woven strings and powerful percussion. Through the melodic beauty of acoustic instruments, the single explores the raw vulnerability that Violet Jacob so perceptively articulated in her writing.

Embarking on a transformative journey of artistic exploration, Rhona and Joseph dared to break free from the confines of their musical comfort zones. With every note, they challenged themselves to push beyond perceived limits.

Over three years of tireless dedication, the duo painstakingly wove a rich tapestry of sound and sensation, using Violet Jacob’s hauntingly evocative verses as their raw material. With each stroke of the brush, they breathed new life into her timeless and universal lyrics, creating an immersive soundscape that transcends the boundaries of space and time.

Rhona Stevens is a songwriter, singer and guitarist, recently praised by Clash Music Magazine as a creator of “supreme indie-pop”. A recent entry on to Scotland’s Alt/Indie scene, she has appeared fronting her five piece band at festivals including: Doune The Rabbit Hole, Celtic Connections, and Endless Summer. Her recorded music has garnered critical acclaim, including ‘track of the week’ on BBC Radio Scotland’s Janice Forsyth show.

Joseph Peach is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, described by The Scotsman as possessing “enthralling prowess and attunement”. Best known for his work in Scottish Folk Music, he is a member of the bands Charlie Grey and Joseph Peach, Westward the Light and Tannara. 

He has toured the world with these acts and others, with notable performances including Cambridge Folk Festival, La Festival Interceltique De Lorient, Celtic Colours Festival, Celtic Connections Festival and Australia’s National Celtic Festival. He holds numerous recording credits as instrumentalist, producer and recording engineer.