11th November: ‘Saxophone lung,’ musician’s National Insurance, and opera fan fiction

Monday 11th November 2013

United Press International

Unclean reed instruments can cause ‘saxophone lung’

When instruments are left unclean, musicians can develop ‘saxophone lung,’ a disease with symptoms including persistent coughing and wheezing.

Classical Music Magazine

HMRC repeals NI ruling for entertainers

The Government’s decision to repeal current National Insurance regulations for self-employed musicians and entertainers has been welcomed by the Association of British Orchestras and the Musicians’ Union.

New York Times

New trend: opera fan fiction?

Recent books are speculating about what the characters would do after the opera’s narrative ends, Anthony Tommasini weighs in on opera what-ifs.


Cellist’s tribute to the ‘unsung hero’ who saved his grandfather on Kristallnacht

British musicians’ Vienna concert highlights music the Nazis detested on 75th anniversary of the attacks on Jewish businesses.

Valery Gergiev interview: ‘Berlioz inspired me long before I ever dreamed I would conduct’

The Russian conductor Valery Gergiev’s Berlioz season has been marked by protests. Ahead of the Barbican series – and the current controversy – he spoke about the passion he feels for the French composer’s work.

BBC Music Magazine

Llandaff Cathedral proposes choral redundancies

Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff is considering proposals to cut seven jobs in its music department in an effort to cut down a projected deficit of £81,000.

Britons more likely to go to opera or dance productions than Italians or Germans

People in the UK are more likely to have been to see an opera, dance or ballet performance in the last 12 months than people in Germany or Italy.


Yamaha launches series of video interviews with leading pianists and technicians

Yamaha Pianos have published the first batch in a series of exclusive ‘In conversation with…’ online videos featuring leading pianists and technicians.

Der Tagesspiegel

Berliner Filmkomponist im Porträt

Karim Sebastian Elias bringt Filmbilder zum Klingen. Neuerdings auch den Western “In einem wilden Land”, der Dienstag im Fernsehen läuft. Ein Komponistenbesuch.