25th September: Shostakovich Question, ‘Sleep’ premiere & Music and the Brain

Friday 25th September 2015

Classical News

In today’s news, Gramophone asks ‘The Shostakovich Question’, and The Guardian reveal 10 pieces that will give you nightmares. Also, Sinfini Music analyse music’s relationship with the brain, and The Telegraph analyse the effects of Richter’s ‘Sleep’


The Shostakovich Question

An isolated figure, working under one of the 20th century’s most terrifying dictatorships, his music is emotional, controversial, misunderstood – and a guaranteed hall-filler. David Fanning asks: why are we obsessed with Shostakovich?

The Guardian

Music to give you nightmares – 10 of the best

Radio 3 are broadcasting Max Richter’s eight-hour lullaby Sleep on Saturday night, live from the Wellcome Collection. Here, by contrast, are 10 works that certainly won’t give you sweet dreams

Sinfini Music

Music and the brain

If you’ve ever wondered exactly how it is that classical music can engage your senses, change your mood or even send a delicious tingle up your spine, then this weekend may give you the opportunity to find out

Classical Source

Welsh National Opera Announces New Music Director and New Conductor Laureate

Welsh National Opera announced their new Music Director today as Czech conductor Tomáš Hanus who will take up the position from autumn 2016

The Guardian

Wanted: eccentric singer of dead languages to produce uncategorisable music

Asked if she fancied making ‘extreme early music’, Stef Conner couldn’t resist. Little did she realise how extreme. She explains how she has breathed life into a 4,000-year-old language

The Telegraph

Can Radio 3’s eight-hour lullaby soothe our frazzled brains?

Max Richter’s new project, unambiguously titled Sleep, which will be broadcast for the first time on Radio 3 tomorrow

The New York Times

For the Philharmonic’s Opening Night, a New Name and a Big Gift

The opening of the New York Philharmonic’s 174th season on Thursday felt like the start of a new chapter, as the orchestra played for the first time in the newly rechristened David Geffen Hall and announced that it was getting the largest individual donation in its history


Expertenjury nominiert 21 Bewerber für die Europäischen Kulturmarken-Awards 2015

Die Shortlist der Kulturmarken-Awards 2015 steht. Unter dem Vorsitz von Prof. Dr. Oliver Scheytt, Präsident der Kulturpolitischen Gesellschaft e.V., wählte am 22. September eine 29-köpfige Expertenjury aus Kultur, Wirtschaft und Medien, bei der auch crescendo durch den Herausgeber Winfried Hanuschik vertreten ist, 21 Nominierte aus


Musik ohne Harmonie: Streit in Luxemburger Dachverband UGDA

Vier von elf Vorstandmitgliedern der UGDA, dem Dachverband der Musikvereine in Luxemburg, haben gestern, einer Meldung von ‘Radio 100,7′ zufolge, ihr Amt niedergelegt


Unternehmer spendet Millionen für Kirchenorgel

Der Unternehmer Günther Weber will der Stadt Neubrandenburg zum Bau einer neuen Konzertorgel eine Spende in Millionenhöhe zukommen lassen . Die Planung und der Bau der Orgel mit voraussichtlich 70 Registern wird Schätzungen zufolge zwei Millionen Euro kosten

Le Figaro.fr

Appel aux dons : les orgues parisiens sont en danger

Sur ces 234 instruments à vent que compte la ville de Paris, une immense partie d’entre eux sont en mauvais état et nécessitent une restauration. Certains diocèses sont aujourd’hui à la recherche de mécènes

El Mundo

La investigación contra Apple Music pasa de Europa a a Estados Unidos

Nueva York y Connecticut investigan si la compañía presiona a los productores para que dejen de proveer música a sus competidores


BBC Music MagazineWould you like to appear in BBC Music Magazine, simply by telling us about your favourite music? Here’s how you can…

BBC Radio 3What was the first music composed to fit the two sides of an LP? has the answer:

Sinfini MusicWho knew Hans Zimmer wasn’t so good with the whole music-reading thing…?! Fascinating interview by

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Wake up, it’s Wagner … Max Richter/The Guardian