Silent Opera Launches Their Newest Production

Friday 7th December 2012

WildKat PR is excited to announce the launch of Silent Opera’s latest innovative project- a new production of Monteverdi’s ‘L’Orfeo’- but as opera has never been seen before. In this new project, funded by Sky Arts Ignition: Futures Fund, IdeasTap and the Arts Council England, and produced by the Heritage Arts Company, Silent Opera brings audiences closer to the action than ever before on a trip to hell and back, with the ultimate decision over Orfeo’s fate.

This intense new artistic experience combines the latest ideas in theatre, technology and classical music to plunge the opera-goer straight into the centre of the work. Audiences are provided with wireless headphones, which deliver an all encompassing sound world directly into their heads: bringing together live singing and select instrumentalists, mixed with a pre-recorded full orchestra, and immersing viewers into a creative sphere in which every breath, note, and emotion becomes accentuated. This then allows audiences to move freely through the performance space, following the story and creating their own personal theatre by choosing how to experience Monteverdi’s masterpiece.

Silent Opera have ensured all aspects of L’Orfeo will be extraordinary. The venue, Trinity Buoy Wharf on the banks of the River Thames, will transport audiences into a parallel universe. On some evenings of the run, the audience will even begin their passage to hell travelling on a boat though Central London to the unique performance space, where they will be immersed further into the story. The final stroke of creative genius will ultimately come down to one audience member each night, who will be awarded the responsibility of deciding between the two endings written by the composer and Orfeo’s ultimate fate: Death or Glory. Will he be ravaged and taken to his death, or made a God to look on Eurydice forever?

Over recent years Silent Opera have been gaining enthusiastic attention in the press for their transformations of iconic operas, combining classic works with modern technology to attract huge audiences to a unique experience. The company can even boast that they have been the first opera-experience for  50% of their audience members, while 60% of these audiences are also under 30.

With their engaging concept, enthusiastic audience, and modern technology, Silent Opera really is the most ground-breaking company in the world of opera, with truly new work which will bring this innately classical art form to new audiences. Artistic Director Daisy Evans wishes to ‘move you, tell you unique stories and bring you new delights’. As a new, younger generation is being welcomed into opera, with the exhilirating freedom to wander through performances amidst their own personal soundcloud, she will certainly succeed. The opera world will never look back.

Silent Opera’s ‘L’Orfeo’ (Claudio Monteverdi) runs from January 23rd to February 10th 2013 (excluding Mondays). Showtime: 7.30pm/5pm on Sundays. Trinity Buoy Wharf E14 0JY.

Tickets are £25; £20 for IdeasTap members, £35 includes return boat ticket from Festival (January 23rd and 25th 2013 only). Tickets are available from the 5th December at www.silentopera.co.uk