22nd October: Stolen Stradivarius up for auction and Brooklyn Philharmonic in financial difficulty

Tuesday 22nd October 2013


Stradivarius offered by thieves for £100 could fetch £2m at auction

A stolen Stradivarius that once belonged to Min-Jin Kym has been recovered and will be auctioned at Tarisio auction house in December. Thieves once tried to sell the instrument for £100; it is expected to fetch more than £2m at auction.

BBC Music Magazine

BBC Radio 3 announces programming to mark the World War One centenary

For one week from 5 January, Radio 3 will will focus on the cultural life of Europe on the eve of 1914 in ‘Music on the Brink’. Each day the station will relive the sounds of a different European city – Paris, Berlin, Vienna, St Petersburg and London – and look at the cultural trends of the time.

WQXR – New York Radio

Brooklyn Philharmonic, Innovative But Sounding a Troubled Tune

An orchestra source says the group is experiencing severe financial difficulties due to a drop in fundraising.


Burlesque Dancer Shows That Twerking Goes Great With Classical Music

Chicago burlesque dancer twerks in time to Beethoven’s 5th.

New York Times

An Opera Fights Hungary’s Rising Anti-Semitism

World class conductor Ivan Fischer’s opera ‘The Red Heifer’ is a rebuke to growing antisemitism in today’s Hungary.

Slipped Disk

Player urges Concertgebouw to protest gay oppression in Russia

Following the recent tension between Russia and the Netherlands, a viola player of the Royal Concertgebouw, Vincent Peters, has urged the Orchestra to make a statement on Russian LGBT-policies during its forthcoming tour in November.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Ein Weinberg in der Riesenkathedrale

Vor fünfzig Jahren wurde Hans Scharouns Neubau der Berliner Philharmonie eröffnet. Beim Festkonzert überwog jetzt die Begeisterung für den Bau. Das war nicht immer so.