Sundance Film Festival 2011

Wednesday 26th January 2011

Max Richter is a multifaceted composer who studied at the Royal Academy of Music, and with Luciano Berio in Florence. This year’s Sundance Film Festival is an exciting and busy time for Max Richter as we see his film music compositions featured not only once, but in two different films, one of which is nominated for the US Documentary competition.

How to Die in Oregon has been nominated for the US Documentary competition. From its opening scene, where a terminally ill cancer patient takes a lethal dose of Seconal and dies on camera, it becomes shockingly clear that How to Die in Oregon is a special film. Director, Peter D. Richardson has created a moving documentary exploring both sides to the debate over assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, in the context of Oregon. Max Richter’s music manages to cleverly and seamlessly capture the sensitive feelings and issues within this film.

Starring Eva Green and Ewan McGregor, director David Mackenzie’s magnetic romance/thriller, Perfect Sense, premieres at this year’s Sundance. Offering a deeply moving proposition about the way the human race might weather a global pandemic, with patients experiencing strange symptoms affecting the emotions, and then the senses, Perfect Sense is an exciting and large work for Max which is being premiered at many cities in the festival including Salt Lake City and Park City – we are all looking forward to the reviews.