Sven Helbig’s Pocket Symphonies Released Today

Monday 22nd July 2013

Today marks the release of the highly anticipated Pocket Symphonies, the debut disc from German Composer Sven Helbig. Described as ‘twelve symphonic pearls’, the tracks are short in length yet have a distinct symphonic depth. Sven aims to reach out to a young, creative audience through his snapshot symphonies that carry the same depth and emotion as works by the likes of Beethoven.

Released today, the selection of 12 short symphonic songs will appealĀ to a young creative audience who enjoy a variety of musical styles. Delving straight into the pockets of Londoners, bespoke Oyster card holders with links to the download will be distributed at tube stations and offices around the capital, with the campaign accumulating in live concerts on the 31st July at Saatchi & Saatchi at 6pm, followed by a public evening concert at Apple London on Regent Street at 7.30pm.

The Saatchi & Saatchi concert is the pinnacle of Sven’s aim to bring this music directly to young people on the move – at work such as this office concert concept, on their commute with the Oyster card holder, and on their portable music players such as at the Apple store, London.

For a true insight into the concept and thoughts behind Pocket Symphonies, read Sven’s guest article for Gramophone magazine here. Pocket Symphonies is also receiving high praise for its innovation and creativity with a wonderful review from The Independent. Sven has created a truly interesting new video for his piece ‘Gone’ as featured on Classic FM online, a striking and new concept of mixing classical music and skating.

Pocket Symphonies is available for purchase through iTunes and Amazon, as well as other music retail stores.

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