The Open Goldberg Project sets Bach free today!

Monday 28th May 2012

Today, the Open Goldberg Project realises its goal of publishing a new interpretation of Bach’s Goldberg Variations, available for the public to download for free.

Almost one year ago, the Project received its full funding via Kickstarter; it had raised over $20,000. Since then it has seen a full recording being made at the world-famous Teldex Studio in Berlin on a Boesendorfer Piano.

Now, anyone can download the entire set of Variations from the Open Goldberg website here. In addition, you can get a new edition of the score from the website of Open Goldberg’s partner, MuseScore here. Both are free of copyright or usage limitations.

Download, listen, spread the word and help to set Bach free!

See an interview with Open Goldberg pianist Kimiko Ishizaka (in German) here: