Thomas Kemp to take part in Twitterthon #askaconductor on Friday 16th December

Wednesday 14th December 2011

On Friday 16th December between 2 and 4PM, Thomas Kemp (@tdpkemp) will take part in a 30 hour marathon event organized by the highly successful #askthemusicians initiative; #askaconductor, in which Twitter users can ask questions of the experts.

Conductors from around the world will come together to engage with fans, first-timers and complete strangers in a musical Twitter marathon. Participants will include Gabriel Sakakeeny of the American Philharmonic (9 am – 1 pm (EST) @AmericanPhilMD), Michael Seal of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra (10 am – 12 am (GMT) @batonflipper) and Ezequiel Silberstein of the Libertador San Martín Youth Symphonic Orchestra (10 am – 10 pm (GMT-3) @ezesilber).

To participate, simply think of a question and pose it on Twitter on the specific day of the event. Be sure to include the hash tag (#askaconductor). You can ask a general question to any musician or you can pick a specific musician you’d like to ask.

Step 1: Think of a question

Step 2: Log in to Twitter (free to join if you are not already a member)

Step 3: Pose your question on the date of the event. Just remember to stick to 140 characters or less and be sure to include the hash tag (what are hash tags?)

Step 4 (optional): Also include your musicians’s Twitter handle for specific questions (e.g. @YourFavoriteConductor or @TheBestCellist). We will always have a list of participating musicians for the most current event.

Step 5: Wait for the musicians to answer!

Step 6 (optional): Repeat steps 1 through 5 with a new question or follow up!

For more details go to: http://askthemusicians.com/askaconductor/