Trinity Buoy Wharf presents exhibition: ‘Synchronicity’

Thursday 27th February 2014

Trinity Buoy Wharf, Docklands thriving centre for the arts and creative industries opens its exhibition, ‘Synchronicity’ to the public tonight following last night’s preview at The Electrician’s Shop. Open 10am to 8pm today until 2nd March, the multimedia exhibition takes a focus around art in Britain.

Artists featured in Synchronicity include Robert Amesbury Brooks, Julie Simmonds, Robert Cobuzy, Syd Symons, Sharon James, Stephen Bishop, and Sheena Mentz. All of these artists offer a perspective on Britain and ‘A Meaningful Relationship in Contemporary Art’.

Robert Amesbury Brooks whom exhibited in Cord Street, London for 10 years now is bringing together a group of multinational artists. These collaborate in this mixed show, focusing on Art in Britain, the art that springs from the British landscape, culture and media.

Julie Simmonds, influenced and inspired by the British landscape produces organic and exploratory printmaking, responding to the landscape in a manner that is full of life and movement.

Robert Cobuzy from Rumania – responded to the British media through his East European eyes, exploring new techniques taking forward his knowledge about mixing different mediums, in Robert’s works are unexpected combinations of materials and ideas, a joyful combination of metallic leaf which brings a little spark to his works.

Syd Symons uses an evolutionary narrative, time and history. Sharon James with her studies of ornithology: what it was and what it is now. Could it be a representation of nothingness? Steven Bishop reflecting in his paintings a sense of life flowing back and forth, echoes reverberating across time. South African Sheena Mentz whose photography is a sublime reflection of life is able to travel places and times. All these established artists and emerging ones harmoniously exhibit Synchronicity!

With a venue as unique as Trinity Buoy Wharf’s ‘The Electrician’s Shop’, and interesting and thought provoking works by great artists, ‘Synchronicity’ is a free event not to be missed.

The exhibition is open today from 10am to 8pm, and will be running until 2nd March 2014. Find out about Trinity Buoy Wharf and all their events including ‘Synchronicity’ via their website, and also stay updated via Twitter.

Opening Times

Thursday 27th February 10am to 8pm

Friday 28th February 10am to 8pm

Late evening: Saturday 1st March 10am ti 9pm

Sunday 2nd March 10am to 3pm

Trinity Buoy Wharf, The Electrician’s Shop, 64 Orchard Place, London, E14 0JY