8th January: The Queen doesn’t like dissonance, classical performers’ fashion sense is becoming more eccentric, & the WaterAid H2Orchestra

Wednesday 8th January 2014

Classic FM Online

Playing violin for an hour sheds two glasses of wine

Great news for dieting musicians: a new estimates that one hour of violin playing will burn around 170 calories, which is equivalent to two glasses of wine (3.5 fluid ounces).

The Washington Times

Classical music vs. guitar hero fashion statements

There is a growing eccentricity in what performers wear on stage: today’s generation of classical soloists are tired of taking a back seat to pop stars in terms of attire.


Members of the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra swapped their usual instruments to play hundreds of glasses of water

Commuters in London were treated to a one-off performance from the WaterAid H2Orchestra who aimed to make the first working week of 2014 a little more bearable bringing water to life through music.


The man in tune with the Queen’s musical tastes

The Master of the Queen’s Music, Peter Maxwell Davies, reveals the Queen doesn’t like dissonance.

NPR Music (United States)

Cachet And Cash For Rafał Blechacz, Named 2014 Gilmore Artist

Polish pianist named 2014 Gilmore Artist and receives a generous $300,000 cash award.

Der Tagesspiegel

Sanierung der Berliner Staatsoper

Später, teurer – die Wiedereröffnung der Staatsoper gerät zur Posse.

The Times

The Times