Welcoming back Marina Baranova

Thursday 14th July 2016

WildKat PR are delighted to welcome back Ukrainian pianist and composer Marina Baranova.

Marina’s mother taught classical music, her father jazz. Growing up with this background Marina was able to discover her passion for both classical music and improvisation from a very young age. In her new album Hypersuites she impressively shows how she feels at home in both musical worlds.

WildKat PR are delighted to have found a label for Marina, in Berlin Classics. Her new CD was recorded at the renowned Teldex Studio in Berlin and is to be released on 26th August. Famous photographer Felix Broede took the powerful pictures.


© Felix Broede

Hypersuites is based on the graceful music of baroque period – original works by Handel, Rameau and Bach provide a foundation for improvisations and deeply personal reinterpretations. Combining classical music structures with jazz gestures and modern pop references, she creates audacious hybrids which are driven by reviving the baroque art of ornamental extemporisation and a curiosity about new narrative possibilities that grow out of the interweaving between contemporary music styles and antique masterpieces.“

The pianist and composer Hauschka has also been part of this recording, which marks an exciting ‘hyperlink’ between Marina Baranova and Hauschka: he composed a remix of her version of “La Poule” by Rameau. This opens up another dimension on this piece.


© Felix Broede

Hypersuites is a modern dialog between Marina Baranova and her favourite composers. The record release concert will be on 08 September at silent green in Berlin.

We are very much looking forward to supporting Marina Baranova with her new album. Keep up to date with news via the WildKat PR blog, as well as on Marina Baranova’s website, Facebook and Twitter.