What’s your view? #4

Tuesday 24th August 2010

We have arrived at the fourth video blog of the series What’s your view?

Every day over the past week, the WildKat team have gone down to the 2010 BBC Proms to find out the prommers’ views on classical music. We are planning to find out as many people’s opinions of classical music as possible and by doing this we have asked the prommers a different question each day. We have already found some very interesting and thought provoking answers so we shall be following up our findings with a discussion of our own – watch this space!

Question 4 – ‘Where do you interact with classical music other than the BBC Proms?’

Do you interact with music regularly? Or is it only when you go to see a BBC Prom? Let us know your views points by commenting below or starting a discussion on our facebook page. Looking forward to hearing your opinion!