What’s your view? #5

Wednesday 25th August 2010

This is the final video blog series of ‘What’s your view?’

The WildKat’s ongoing investigation of the 2010 prommers’ views on classical music has come to an end. Every day over the last week we have headed down to the 2010 BBC Proms to try and find as many different people’s views about classical music. With our final question rounding off the week’s topic, we hope to show you various people’s thought. Following this we will start a discussion of our own with our personal views and opinions on the results we found!

Question 5 – ‘What is your stereotype of classical music? Would you want to change it? If so, how?’

Do you agree with what the prommers have said? Do you strongly disagree and think there isn’t stereotype at all? Let us know your views points by commenting below or starting a discussion on our facebook page. Looking forward to hearing your opinion!

Just because this series has come to an end, it doesn’t mean we aren’t still interested in knowing your opinions about classical music. We will carry on with other investigations in the future – watch this space!