Whitgift School to Tour Bulgaria

Tuesday 5th February 2013

In November last year, Whitgift School opened their International Music Competition for applications. Three winners will be awarded with a scholarship to study at the School worth up to £150,000, inclusive of boarding and instrumental tuition. This month, Whitgift’s Headmaster, Dr Barnett, along with other members of the faculty will be visiting Bulgaria in order to build relationships with Bulgarian schools and music organisations.

Whitgift will be traveling to Bulgaria’s capital on 18th February where they will meet staff and students from the National Academy of Music. This visit will be to introduce and promote the launch of the Whitgift International Music Competition, through meeting with schools and music organisations. The Headmaster will also be giving a press conference at the British Embassy in Sofia, speaking to journalists about the unique educational experience that the pupils at Whitgift receive, along with details of the International Music Competition.

The School have also teamed up with the Competition for the Implementation of German and Austrian Music “M.A.G.I.C.” and will also offer a Whitgift scholarship to its winner.

For details of Whitgift School’s International Music Competition, visit the website here.

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