WildKat PR Heard it Through the GrapeVINE

Friday 1st March 2013

Since its launch on the 24th January 2013 the Twitter-made video app Vine has taken the world by storm. Within 5 days of the app’s release it had 711 mentions on Twitter, largely by public figures and the media, and the 6 second long looped clips it allows have been described as mesmerising.

There are many ways Vine can be used in advertising, including for product demonstrations,  marketing promotions, showing customer testimonials and views and using it to give your brand a bit of personality by making the videos innovative and memorable.  Notable organisations who have already started using Vine to promote themselves include Malibu Rum, who use some clever camera work to show the mixing of a cocktail, Dove, whose advert shows a bar of soap being bowled into shower gel bottles and London Zoo who have reacted to the obsession with animal videos by posting a Vine of their penguins swimming. Most clever among the uses however are those who have taken a more personal approach. Buzzfeed have released a Vine of employees dancing in their office while ASOS encouraged customers to post Vines of them opening their deliveries and tweet them using the hashtag #ASOSunbox. Media organisations such as The Guardian have been using the app to gain public opinions and views, having asked readers to tweet Vines showing their views on president Obama’s union address, as well as 6 second album reviews.

The secret to Vine’s advertising power is simple and can be summed up in the one word used most in connection with the app: quirky. The spontaneity and creativity behind the videos gives real insight into brands, products and people, making them witty and memorable.

Here are some Vines from the office:

http://vine.co/v/bXgdQ69D92O  (The WildKat at the Cool Venue Awards)

http://vine.co/v/bXXTUjAjIgj (WildKats and Sane&Able enjoying milkshakes for James’ leaving meal)

vine.co/v/bg92LU5X2xe (A WildKat celebrating the end of a long working day)

http://vine.co/v/bvHdb597XOm  (New chairs arrived at the office)

vine.co/v/bvgZYu6Al6M (What’s in the box?…)