WildKat PR is happy to welcome Christopher Monks

Tuesday 5th February 2013

WildKat is pleased to welcome Christopher Monks, Founder and Artistic Director of the Armonico Consort. The organisation is praised for the work it undertakes in reaching new audiences for classical music, with an impressive concert programme. In addition, Christopher is also the Founder of the AC Academy, which engages young children in the arts through choral music across the country. Since 2002, Christopher and the AC Academy have worked with schools in the Midlands and London boroughs to to create choirs and provide teachers with the training to become choir leaders; ensuring that the foundations which the AC Academy have worked hard to create will sustain long into the future. Over 100,000 young children have been involved in the Academy, with more than 700 children currently singing in AC Academy choirs every week.

On 10th March 2013, Christopher Monk will perform with the Armonico Consort at the Royal Albert Hall, along with over 1,500 children involved in the AC Academy. For more information on the concert visit the Royal Albert Hall website and discover more abut the Armonico Consort here.

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