WildKat PR welcomes Richard Birkin

Friday 22nd August 2014

WildKat PR are delighted to welcome composer Richard Birkin as our newest client. As well as a composer, Richard is a producer of specialist and experimental digital projects and often creates unique installations to accompany his works. Richard was recently commissioned by Nottingham City Council to create an interactive audio/visual installation for Light Night 2014, funded by Arts Council EnglandNight Sun involves a toy music box mounted on a wooden plinth. When a passer by touches the music box, the windows light up. When a passer by winds the handle, the music begins and the story unfolds…

Following the success of his installation Night Sun, Richard has developed the technology used in the installation to produce a single of the work, using web coding to animate poetry with music and photography on a laptop or mobile. Richard’s upcoming project Songs for Spoken Words, funded by the Arts Council England/National Lottery Grant for the Arts, continues to build on this technology and will be released in February 2015.

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View a preview of Night Sun online here.