WildKat PR welcomes Fuzjko

Tuesday 25th February 2014

WildKat PR is delighted to welcome Ingrid Fuzjko Hemming to its client roster.

Fuzjko is a pianist of Japanese/Swedish origin, whose remarkable personality and life story are just as compelling as her extraordinary musical talents. At the age of ten, Fuzjko’s piano teacher Leonid Kreutzer was already predicting her international success, but tragically, she was struck by deafness just prior her recital debut with Leonard Bernstein. Even today after extensive treatment she remains partially deaf.

Despite this adversity, Fuzjko went on to have a highly successful international career, winning Japanese piano competitions as a soloist and collaborating with the world’s top orchestras including the Moscow Philharmonic, Japanese Philharmonic and the Spanish Radio Symphonie to name a few. In 1999, one of Fuzjko’s piano recitals was broadcast on NHK Japan along with a documentary about her life, leading to her album La Campanella selling two million copies. This documentary gave Fuzjko the reputation of a ‘classical icon’; a label that was affirmed in 2010 when the police had to be called in to deal with disappointed fans unable to attend a private concert at the Hotel Lambert in Paris, held by Qatari Prince Abdullah for 140 members of French high society.

Humanitarian causes are very important to Fuzjko. In 2005 she performed a sell-out charity concert at the Budokan in Tokyo for an audience of 13,000 and donated over 10 million yen to UNICEF. She has been a strict vegetarian for 22 years and performs recitals in aid of animal welfare.

This spring, Fuzkjo will share her extraordinary talents with London audiences. WildKat PR will be working with her to promote her recital at Cadogan Hall on 23rd March with wonderful violinist Vasko Vassilev.

Fuzjko © Hideo Nakajima

Fuzjko © Hideo Nakajima