WildKat PR welcomes Moritz Eggert

Wednesday 18th June 2014

WildKat PR is delighted to welcome Moritz Eggert to its roster. The German composer, pianist, conductor, performer and writer is one of Germany’s most innovative and versatile artists. As the “Bad Boy” of the German music scene he is also a vocal instigator of change both in the aesthetics and politics of contemporary classical music. As a composer and pianist he has won many scholarships and international awards, including the prestigious Förderpreis der Ernst-von Siemens-Stiftung and the composition prize of the Salzburger Osterfestspiele. Moritz is also a strong advocate for the new generation of composers and has co-founded the Adevantgarde-festival for contemporary music of young composers. His influential “Bad Blog of Musick” is the most read German blog of contemporary classical music and tackles a wide range of issues regarding contemporary culture and politics; in particular Moritz is strongly opposed to the downsizing of contemporary and classical music in Germany.

His compositions amount to more than 230 works and range from instrumental, vocal and orchestral pieces to operas, ballets and music theatre projects. His work continues to challenge the normal image of a “well-behaved classical composer”, with genre-crossing and unusual projects that often involve collaborations with well-known international artists. Some of his most prominent works to date have been a “soccer oratorio”, the music for the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany, as well as his controversial opera “Freax”. Collaborations have included noted electronic pop duo “2raumwohnung” and German comedian and talk-show host Harald Schmidt.

Most recently, Moritz has been working on the music theatre “Tragedy of a Friendship” with Jan Fabre (Opera Antwerp/international tour), an open-air event for the opening of the Bavarian State opera Festival and an orchestral ballet based on works by Edgar Allan Poe for the Theater Giessen.

For more information, please visit Moritz’s website or check his Twitter and Facebook pages.

Moritz_Eggert-Christian Hartlmeier 2

Photo: Christian Hartlmeier