WildKat PR welcomes PODIUM Festival Esslingen

Thursday 6th March 2014

WildKat PR is delighted to welcome PODIUM Festival Esslingen to its client roster.

PODIUM is an interdisciplinary classical festival in Esslingen, Germany, which strongly believes in the transformative power of classical music.  Now in its sixth year, the network of young people behind the festival are passionately committed to creating room for special productions and revolutionising thinking about classical music.

“The classical music scene is in a dead-end. It has to renew itself in order to survive,” begins the PODIUM philosophy. PODIUM use important aspects of the concert experience such as venue, acoustics, lighting and rituals, to conceive new concert formats whilst leaving the music itself untouched. Using a festival brand that consciously makes use of social media and an education initiative that reaches hundreds of children, PODIUM are determined to communicate classical music to a diverse audience, particularly young people

WildKat PR will be working with PODIUM to promote their exciting 2014 programme. For more information please see PODIUM’s website.

Credit Oran Greier

Credit Oran Greier