WildKat PR welcomes Silent Opera

Friday 6th June 2014

WildKat PR is pleased to welcome back Silent Opera to its client roster. Following the success of Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo at Trinity Buoy Wharf, Silent Opera is embarking on a new project which allows the audience to create their own operatic experience. Live/Revive/Lament is inspired by the music of Monteverdi, exploring three different themes: the joy of new love, the complications and doubts that follow, and the Lament – the aftermath of love. Each theme is interpreted through song, dance and theatre, performed simultaneously, yet beginning at different points in the story, completing a full cycle. The audience is able to create its own experience of the opera by following a single performer’s cycle or perhaps watching the same theme in the three different media.

Silent Opera continue to create dynamic, operatic installations with a focus on movement and technology to bring the art form into the modern world. Live/Revive/Lament is accompanied by a web-based app that acts as a digital programme and also allows the audience to watch all segments in the different mediums. During the performance Silent Opera not only embraces technology within the arts, but also centralises it within its productions to allow audiences to control their operatic experience, whilst utilising the instantaneous and vast information that technology provides us with.

Live/Revive/Lament will premiere at Aldeburgh Music Festival on Monday 16th June 2014 at 11am and 4pm.It will then take place at Saatchi Gallery, Chelsea on 24th July 2014, before it is staged at Wilderness Festival on 7th-10th August 2014.

Find out more about Silent Opera through their website and this trailer, as well as FacebookTwitter and regular posts on the WildKat PR website.

Photo: Claire ShoveltonLament3