WildKat PR welcomes Silent Opera

Wednesday 10th October 2012

WildKat PR is excited to announce its upcoming collaboration with ‘Silent Opera’. Launched in 2011 by director Daisy Evans, Silent Opera curates opera performances for a new audience. Using technology and theatricality to create an unusually immersive experience, Silent Opera aims to bring this artform into the 21st century and appeal to both opera novices and aficionados alike. Upcoming performances include a run of Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo as  it has never been seen before. The music, which is live singing mixed with pre-recorded orchestral music, is fed through headphones to the audience, who can walk in amongst the singers and get closer to the performance than ever before. 

Silent Opera are also offering their supporters the chance to really be part of this upcoming show, whether as an etched name in the set, or deciding Orfeo’s fate ‘in death, or in glory’ – see more on their Wefund page here.

Creative Director Daisy Evans explains: ‘I aim to bring the action of the music to life without sacrificing the operatic narrative. I aim to put the audience members in close proximity to the drama, and feel the intense sound world that is delivered straight into their heads.’

For more information on Silent Opera please visit their website here.