WildKat Recommends: The WildKat Team

Monday 7th December 2020

This December, we will be recommending five items that we think are fun, festive, classical and enjoyable! Every Monday, five members of the WildKat team will recommend some Christmas and Holiday-themed items that mean something to them. We will also be including links to everything in the descriptions below. Be sure to check back each week as we will be sharing a new list of recommendations!

This week, we have Olivia Brown, Anna Read, Alex Elsner, Hannah Goldshlack-Wolf and Lucas Muth sharing their recommendations!

Christmas EP

JOY – Rosey Chan

‘Rosey has added a truly unique and timeless twist on these holiday classics. After a crazy year, it’s a calm, soothing listen to get you into the holiday spirit.

Available to listen on Platoon

Recommended by Olivia Brown


Ottolenghi’s orange and saffron shortbread stars

‘We make these fragrant golden star-shaped biscuits every year at Christmas. The biscuits themselves are delicious; the 40 on a plate together make a mesmerising assembly. The saffron really emerges as a feature in this recipe, giving the biscuits real pizzazz. Piled into a pretty jar, they’re perfect for gifting, or you can just have them on hand for an indulgent snack.’

Find the recipe on The Guardian

Recommended by Anna Read


Kältebus Berlin

‘This Berlin Charity is for all the people who do not have a permanent residence. As the nights get darker and colder, many of them can’t find accommodation in shelters or anywhere else. So, it is especially important in these times to help them out. The Kältebus (Cold Bus) is basically a mobile shelter, where people tour all night to warm up those who are sleeping rough in Winter, saving people’s lives, dignity and show heart where it really matters.’

Find out more information on their website

Recommended by Alex Elsner


Potato Latkes  

‘Hanukkah starts this Thursday!! I’m not sure what could possibly be more delightful than homemade potato latkes on a cold night, except maybe eating the leftovers for breakfast.

Find out more information on The New York Times

Recommended by Hannah Goldshlack-Wolf


Making paper Christmas decorations

‘Every year I face my greatest delight and biggest fear in one single object: a Christmas decoration! I love having Christmas decorations and the warmth and beauty they add to my home but unfortunately, I am all thumbs… Since, as a student, I cannot afford expensive Christmas decorations, I needed a cheap way to do it. I found an easy and even sustainable way to create Christmas stars out of sandwich paper. Since discovering this craft, my home has become all Christmassy in no time!’

Watch the tutorial here: YouTube

Recommended by Lucas Muth