WildKatPR is pleased to welcome Open Goldberg Variations to its client base

Monday 27th February 2012

WildKatPR is delighted to announce its new partnership with a very exciting international music project for spring 2012.

The Open Goldberg Variations project is an entirely fan-funded initiative which has allowed pianist Kimiko Ishizaka to make a new recording of the Goldberg Variations, soon to be available for anyone to download, for free, from May 2012. They also have formed a partnership with MuseScore, who have created a new edition of the Goldberg Variations score, and, with music technology company SampleSumo, a unique app that makes it possible to follow the score as it is being played. WildKatPR will be working with a European campaign promoting the forthcoming release as well as the accompanying concerts.

To view the Open Goldberg Variations website please click here.