William Berger and La Nuova Musica chat and perform on BBC3’s In Tune

Friday 15th June 2012

‘One of the best of our younger baritones’, William Berger, performs the title role in a performance of L’Orfeo with La Nuova Musica at Kings Place next weekend. Speaking on BBC 3’s In Tune William and David Bates, conductor of La Nuova Musica, explained how that the role was normally performed by a Tenor, but that in their performance which is in a lower key, William’s hearty Baritone voice is a perfect fit. La Nuova Musica famously have a lot of fun with their repertoire, transforming more traditional pieces into accessible, enjoyable, and alive works of art; whilst all the while remaining respectful to the original works and composer. In a performance of firsts: the first role of Orfeo for William; and first curatorship at the Kings Place for La Nuova Musica, the musicians have approached their interpretation with a sense of ‘freedom’, bringing the work ‘into our own time’ (BBC’s Suzy Klein).

La Nuova Musica and William Berger also performed an extract from Monteverdi’s L’Orfeo live on In Tune. The full interview and performance can be heard here.

Tickets for Kings Place on Saturday 23rd June are available here. Do not miss this one-off spectacle!

Photo: Paul Foster-Williams