WildKat Recommends: Alexander Krupp

Sunday 27th September 2020

Here at WildKat, we will be recommending five items that we have found inspiring, educational or enjoyable recently. Every Monday, a member of WildKat will recommend an Album, a Livestream or Concert, and three other items that mean something to them. We will also be including links to everything in their descriptions below. Be sure to check back each week as we will be sharing a new list of recommendations!

This week, we have one of our Account Managers, Alex Krupp sharing his recommendations!


Phoebe Bridgers – Punisher

By far my favourite Album of the year. I’ve always had a soft spot for those melancholic singer/songwriter records and Phoebe Bridgers’ record has hit me in that Elliott Smith shaped spot in my heart. Perfect and intimate songs intertwined with haunting sounds – somewhere between fragile finger-picked guitars, ghostly effects and euphoric brass outbreaks. ‘I Know The End’ will play over the world’s end credits.

Listen here on Spotify

Concert Experience

Tiny Desk Home Concerts by NPR Music

“I love the intimate Tiny Desk Sessions that NPR has been filming for many years now. So many great performances are already in the archive, some deeply touching, some surprising. It’s cool how now in pandemic times they’ve transformed the format to live performances from the artist’s homes or studios. That’s all pretty entertaining.

Watch their concerts here

TV Show

The Boys – Season 2

“As a child, I read a lot of superhero comics. I like the gritty and disturbing take that “The Boys” have on the concept of superheroes. A world in which every heroic action is nothing, but a marketing stunt and superheroes are maniacal jerks. Hilarious, dark and disturbing – I love it!”

Source: RadioTimes.com

Watch Season 2 here on Amazon Video


Trevor Noah – Born A Crime

“I’ve been a fan of Trevor Noah ever since he took over the Daily Show. My current read, his book “Born A Crime” is opening up a totally new perspective on him. Such a funny and inspiring life story – especially his memoirs of his childhood experience of Apartheid in South Africa. His touching words makes me appreciate his wit and humour even more!”

Buy his book here from Waterstones and from Genialokal.de


Danelectro Baritone Guitar (Silver Flake Sparkle)

“As a guitarist, you sometimes feel stuck in your songwriting ways. I bought this cheapish, plywood electric baritone guitar used from eBay and I haven’t really touched my other instruments ever since I got this one. The lower register has triggered a lot of new ideas. Just engage a fair amount of reverb and you are instantly in a dramatic Tarantino scene! Proof that sometimes inspiration can just come from a new gadget.”

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