WildKat Recommends: Angel Blue

Monday 19th October 2020

Here at WildKat, we will be recommending five items that we have found inspiring, educational or enjoyable recently. This October, to celebrate Black History Month, WildKat invites a guest to share their recommendations every week, including an album, livestream or concert, plus three other items that mean something to them. We will also be including links to everything in their descriptions below. Be sure to check back each week as we will be sharing a new list of recommendations!

This week, we have guest soprano, Angel Blue sharing her album recommendations in keeping with our new WildKat Musical Box!


Opera Singer

Leontyne Price – D’amor sull’ali rosee

“Leontyne Price is EVERYTHING!! She is one of my favourite opera singers and I’ve loved her voice since I was 5 years old. If you listen closely to her singing you can hear everything that she is going through in her life. She rose to the top, at the height of the civil rights movement in the United States. She made her Metropolitan Opera debut in 1961 and continued to rise above adversity, with her head and voice held very high. She is the epitome of grace and this aria shows how exceptionally talented she is.”

American Contralto

Marian Anderson – I Want Jesus to Walk with Me

“Marian Anderson was a pioneer in so many different areas. I’ve been listening to her album of spirituals lately because I want to learn more about how spirituals were sung from that time (the 1940s).”

Image Source: NPR Music

Listen to I Want Jesus to Walk with Me here

American singer-songwriter

Mariah Carey – Emotions

“This time of quarantine has been really wild. I’ve been taking more voice lessons and coaching online with my voice teacher. I love Mariah Carey. I listen to Emotions and try to vocalize alongside her. What a great voice. She just wrote a book and I’d like to recommend this as well. I’ve started to read it and I’m so amazed by her journey already. The book is called “The meaning of Mariah Carey.”


Link to her book found here

American singer, rapper, songwriter, and flutist

Lizzo – Good as Hell

“Lizzo has been one of my favourite artists since 2015. I first heard about her when I went to Warner Music in London. I’m so happy for her success and all that she has accomplished. The lyrics to this song always gets me because it describes how I feel in my journey to becoming an opera singer. To me, this song is about encouraging yourself regardless of what people say or how they treat you. It’s important to feel good within oneself…so how do you feel? Hopefully good as heck! :-)”