First Night of the Proms – WildKat PR’s Prom Preferences

Friday 12th July 2013

There’s a lot of excitement in the WildKat PR office today with it being the First Night of the BBC Proms tonight, so the team decided to shoot a short video blog, highlighting the Proms that they are most looking forward to this season.

The BBC Proms is the world’s greatest classical music festival, attracting new audiences from across the globe as well as classical music enthusiasts. The year of 2013 has celebrated Richard Wagner and Giuseppe Verdi’s bicentennials as well as British composer Benjamin Britten’s centenary, and this year’s Proms mark the occasions perfectly with the epic complete cycle of Wagner’s The Ring and a host of Proms featuring the works of Verdi – including Prom 12: Viva Verdi! The BBC Proms celebrates canonical composers from across history, but it is also a celebration of British music. In the year of Britten’s centenary, the BBC Proms has certainly gone the extra mile to mark the occasion, with the world premiere of the Elegy (which has never been heard before) as well as bringing Peter Grimes back to the stage from the beach, and an abundance of more well-known works.

Watch the video below to hear our favourite Proms in the next eight weeks:

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