Sorry… Do I Know You? – Verification on Social Media

Thursday 25th May '23

When Twitter Blue was introduced, we saw a few instances of people purchasing a Twitter Blue subscription and impersonating accounts. Mostly, these were for fun and to show a broken feature. However, it also showed …

Why is Classical So Committed to CDs?

Thursday 26th January '23

Digital Marketing Manager, Jordan, answers the age-old question; "Why can't everything just be on a computer?"Part plastic cheese, part data storage.As one of the youngest people in the WildKat office, I have very little experience …

The Impact of Digitalisation on Classical and Contemporary Music

Wednesday 25th October '17

The digital revolution is still proceeding and affecting nearly every aspect of our everyday life. Talking about music industry, we consider streaming, podcasting concerts and interviews, social media campaigns and online music magazines. The majority …

The Hong Kong Music Series comes to London!

Friday 7th July '17

This evening, the Hong Kong Music Series begins with an inaugural concert celebrating the fusion of Eastern and Western classical music at St. John’s Smith Square. This is just the first in a series of concerts celebrating the …

We’re recruiting an Account Manager at WildKat PR

Thursday 28th July '16

We are looking for an Account Manager to join WildKat PR in London, as a member of the team is moving to the Berlin office!Do you think you would be suitable for this position? Have a read through our job …

More viral success for AyseDeniz Gokcin

Wednesday 24th February '16

Since its release on Saturday, the classical version of Turkish pianist, AyseDeniz Gokcin’s Nirvana Project has been shared across the world by a huge range of publications. AyseDeniz featured on the front page of Germany's taz. die tageszeitung yesterday and …

Streaming Sensations

Friday 15th January '16

The live streaming of operas has really taken off and this week Wigmore Hall  announced that it's first online streamed event will take place on 28 January.  Opera Platform has partnerships with 15 theatres across Europe and Cultural …

Menuhin Competition 2016- the UK’s girls

Friday 8th January '16

Whilst most luthiers seem to be men, the shortlist for Menuhin Competition 2016, is dominated by females. In the Strad’s March 2013 issue, violin maker Ute Zahn asked why there are so few female violin …

After the Taliban: Music in Afghanistan

Wednesday 16th December '15

The Taliban's acts of cultural vandalism and the war in Afghanistan had a devastating effect on Afghan culture. As well as imprisoning musicians, film makers and artists, they also burned films, CDs books and paintings. …

AyseDeniz Gokcin returns to classical and grunge with #NirvanaProject

Friday 20th November '15

 With the #NirvanaProject, AyseDeniz brings to life the power of music that gave Kurt Cobain the will to live. The album is released today exclusively with iTunes or you can purchase signed hard copies on AyseDeniz's website. AyseDeniz …

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