9th July: Changes to Curriculum for Music, Choirs Synchronise Heartbeats and Tradition Meets Technology

Tuesday 9th July 2013

The Times

Classical stars are squeezed out by accordion

The accordion has never been regarded as a route to mainstream musical success, but its reputation may have to be reassessed after an album of squeezebox tunes reached the top of the classical chart.

The Independent

Royal Opera House wins first West End transfer with ‘Wind in the Windows’

The Royal Opera House is to follow in the footsteps of the National Theatre and the Royal Shakespeare Company with the transfer of a production to London’s West End for the first time.

BBC News

Classical music virtuoso who plays piano and tablet

Conrad Tao is a 19-year-old virtuoso who tries to push the limits of classical music by combining tradition and technology.

Choir singers ‘synchronise their heartbeats’

Choir singers not only harmonise their voices, they also synchronise their heartbeats, a study suggests.


Multi-million dollar Opera Australia Ring finds new conductor

Pietari Inkinen replaces Richard Mills, who resigned due to a lack of ‘unity of vision’

Classic FM

New National Curriculum for music announced

By 2021, every 14-year-old in the country will be able to read music, if the new curriculum is approved in August.

The Guardian

Shazam raises £26.9m for Latin America expansion with Carlos Slim

America Movil investment to open up new market for music, TV and ads-tagging app

Die Welt

Sag zum Abschied leise Dvořák

Letzte Quartett-Seufzer, Nina Stemmes zweiter Wesendonck-Liederanlauf, Claudio Abbados erste Schumann-Sinfonie und böse Jungs, die sehr gut klingen: die Klassik-CDs der Woche.


BBC News