30th May: Bach and Slipknot equally bad for drivers’ concentration, Palm Beach Symphony’s new director, and 2019’s Resonant Bodies Festival

Thursday 30th May '19

Heavy metal and classical music ‘bad for driver behaviour’ A new study has claimed that listening to heavy metal or classical music in the car is bad for driver behaviour.The experiment, carried out by road safety …

9th July: Changes to Curriculum for Music, Choirs Synchronise Heartbeats and Tradition Meets Technology

Tuesday 9th July '13

The Times Classical stars are squeezed out by accordion The accordion has never been regarded as a route to mainstream musical success, but its reputation may have to be reassessed after an album of squeezebox tunes reached …

22nd April: Conrad Tao, Patrick Garland and Humphrey Lyttelton

Monday 22nd April '13

GramophonePianist Conrad Tao signs exclusively to EMIYoung American will release ‘Voyages’, his debut full-length album in June.BBC NewsPatrick Garland, theatre producer and director, dies aged 78One of British theatre's most distinguished producers and directors, Patrick …