11th July: RPS gives support for young musicians totalling £42,000. Orchestra of Valencia and Ramón Tebar to give free concert.

Wednesday 11th July '18

In today's news: An airline refused to let orchestra on board with instruments. RPS gives support for young musicians totalling £42,000. Original Elgar Manuscript on Antiques Roadshow. Premier trombonists to descend Iowa City. Symphonic flashmob …

15th January: Orchestra at the Airport, Violin Found in Trash and Classical Goes Vinyl

Tuesday 15th January '13

Classic FM London Philharmonic Orchestra to soothe Heathrow's nervous fliers Nervous passengers will be soothed by the sounds of the London Philharmonic Orchestra at Heathrow Airport throughout 2013. The Telegraph Classical vinyl: what goes around comes around Adam Sweeting meets …