2017 – What a Year!

Friday 22nd December '17

It's been an incredibly busy year at WildKat and we are so excited to continue our successes into 2018. As always, we've tried to pack as much as we can into a blog post for …

WildKat Woollies!

Friday 18th December '15

Today at WildKat PR London we are donning our Christmas jumpers for #ChristmasJumperDay. Our jumpers have certainly brightened up the office and we haven’t had to turn on the heating; but it’s also an opportunity to …

Nine Lessons and Carols: Lesson 9

Friday 21st December '12

So after our previous eight posts, here is our the final lesson in our series of the nine lessons and carols of a WildKat Christmas! Have a look back over the other lessons, choose your …