12th September: Abbado cancels Japan concerts, Brokeback Mountain Opera and a new study on performance-impairing pain

Thursday 12th September '13

Arts Beat, New York TimesAbbado, Blaming Health Problem, Cancels Plans for Japan ConcertsCiting ill health, Italian conductor Claudio Abbado has canceled plans for a series of concerts in Japan with the Lucerne Festival Orchestra — including one …

Fashion at the Proms 2012: our pick of the week 2

Tuesday 7th August '12

This week at the Proms we talked to many young Prommers about their thoughts on the link between fashion and classical music. Many of them were attending the Proms for the first time, so had …

Classical Music and the Olympic Games

Friday 3rd August '12

It is nigh on impossible to be in London this week and avoid the Olympics; whilst the Big Smoke may be quieter than usual in some parts of the town, there still seems to be an Olympic …