Classical Music’s Top 10…

Wednesday 10th December '14

We had a good giggle in the WildKat PR office yesterday trying to guess the top 10 most discussed UK topics, global topics and check ins on Facebook as reported by The Telegraph. However, the …

7th January: Rare Beethoven manuscript for Auction, Guardian to raise cover price, and ‘H2Orchestra’ performance

Tuesday 7th January '14

New York TimesA Page of Beethoven May Fetch More Than $200,000A rare Beethoven manuscript — actually, a leaf from a late-period sketchbook that the composer apparently tore out and carried in his pocket while composing …

WildKat PR at the Proms – 2013, Our Conclusions

Friday 6th September '13

During this year's Proms, WildKat PR spent a week outside the Royal Albert Hall asking queuing prommers their opinion on developing technologies vs. the classical music industry. Our findings were maybe not as varied as …

Financial Times review A Constant Obsession

Monday 19th March '12

To read this weekend's Financial Times review of A Constant Obsession with Thomas Kemp and Chamber Domaine, click here.The paper praised the recordings for highlighting Turnage at "his most lyrical and accessible".

Thomas Kemp ‘A Constant Obsession’ reviewed in the Telegraph

Thursday 23rd February '12

Thomas Kemp's exciting new release of world-premiere Mark-Anthony Turnage recordings has recieved a great response from both press and listeners. Here is the most recent review from the Daily Telegraph:For more information visit Thomas' website …

Classical Music News – 1st September

Thursday 1st September '11

LA TimesMusic review: ‘Powaqqatsi’ at the Hollywood Bowl The full title of the second film in the “Qatsi” trilogy by director Godfrey Reggio and composer Philip Glass is “Powaqqatsi: Life in Transformation.” The transformation was that …

How do reviews affect what we buy?

Friday 21st January '11

As I was searching for a book online, I was struck by a thought about how reviews influence our opinions, and ultimately what we buy.I was looking for any interesting books focussing on the role …

Success in South Africa

Thursday 11th November '10

Over the past month, the young conductor Alessandro Crudele has been leading orchestras in South Africa, building upon his already excellent reputation in a new territory. He has conducted the Johannesburg Philharmonic and the KZN Philharmonic in …

Rapturous reviews for Ivor Bolton

Monday 14th June '10

English conductor Ivor Bolton triumphs at the Bavarian State Opera with his rendering of Simone Giovanni Mayr's forgotten masterpiece 'Medea in Corinto' (1821), in a new production by German director Hans Neuenfels. Premiered on Monday …

A busy month of May for Alban Gerhardt

Wednesday 2nd June '10

May saw Alban Gerhardt traveling across Europe at a rather frantic tempo: three concerts in Milano, three in Vienna, one in Prague, one in London (his long-awaited debut with the Philharmonia Orchestra!) and two in Zürich... His performances …