30th May: Igor Stravinsky, David Afkham and UK’s singing festival

Thursday 30th May '13

The GuardianHow Stravinsky's Rite of Spring has shaped 100 years of musicPiece first performed in Paris exactly 100 years ago emblematic of era of great scientific, artistic and intellectual ferment. The SpectatorMusic: the German love affair …

17th May: National Portrait Gallery Choir, Claude Vivier Underground and Lufthansa Airlines’ Baroque Festival

Friday 17th May '13

BBC NewsNational Portrait Gallery to have choir in residenceThe National Portrait Gallery in London is to have a choir in residence - a first for any museum in the UK.The Times Late composer Claude Vivier goes …

1st February: Baroque Hour, HMV Live Firing and Record Store Day

Friday 1st February '13

The IndependentBaroque hour on Radio 3 as Dominic West takes to the airwaves to read poetryHeartthrob actor Dominic West is to go from The Hour to turning back the clock by reading a daily poem from the …