30th May: Igor Stravinsky, David Afkham and UK’s singing festival

Thursday 30th May 2013

The Guardian

How Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring has shaped 100 years of music

Piece first performed in Paris exactly 100 years ago emblematic of era of great scientific, artistic and intellectual ferment.


The Spectator

Music: the German love affair with all things British

The current love affair that the Germans seem to be having with all things British has deep roots.


Classic FM

Canada plans classical concert for dogs

Fans of Bark and Pooch-ini, prick up your ears for Canada’s first ever concert for canines from Toronto Concert Orchestra in June.



David Afkham named Spanish National Orchestra principal conductor

Initial four-year contract begins in September 2015.


Classical Music Magazine

Worcester to host pan-European singing festival

The UK’s first ever non-competitive youth singing festival will be held in Worcester on 19-27 July, when 11 choirs from nine different countries will descend on the town.


Digital Journal

Norman Wong shoots musical, fashionable Toronto

Toronto-based music label Arts & Crafts celebrate their 10th anniversary this year.



Katherine Jenkins ditched by record company after ‘spending £1,500 a day on hair and make-up’ 

Katherine Jenkins has been dropped from her record label following a slump in sales and a string of ‘diva demands’.


Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring


The Guardian