Our Twitter Top Tips

Thursday 8th January 2015

On Tuesday, as well as getting our own Tumblr and writing our Tumblr top tips, we found out from this infographic when is best to post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. So further to that, here are our top tips for Twitter:

– Posts with pictures get more engagement. Tweet interesting pictures with a sentence or two to give some context. Landscape pictures work best with Twitter’s timeline

– Don’t just tweet about yourself! Post about other interesting things and your followers will look to you as a source of exciting information

– Engage with other Twitter users.  It makes your twitter feed much more personal if other tweeters know that they’re responding to a human and not a machine

– Use hashtags to engage with your target audience. Not only will people who don’t follow you be able to find your tweets, it will keep them well organised and easily findable as well. But don’t use too many as this can clutter your tweets

– Twitter has it’s own analytics tool that is free to use! Go to analytics.twitter.com to see which of your tweets is performing best and what content your followers engage with

Have your own Twitter tips? Tweet them to @WildKatPR and we’ll include them on our next social media blog.

infographic twitterPicture from dailyinfographic.com